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Pavlov's Dog

The Pekin Tapes (rec. 1973) – Japan Edition

(Note: The Japan Edition comes with additional japanese product sheet & obi strip. Tracklist and cover format (digipak) is the same as the regular version.)

Whoever thinks the 1975 Pampered Menial is Pavlov’s Dog’s first album is wrong. There is an earlier forgotten one. The untitled album and therefor just labeled „The Pekin Tapes“ was recorded in summer 1973 at Golden Voice Studios in Pekin/IL and never released. The band was later signed to ABC records, the Golden Voice Studio burned down and the tapes were believed lost, but 2013 rediscovered.

The Pekin Tapes include original versions of songs that were later (in different versions) on Pampered Menial, plus some unreleased tracks not used on Pampered Menial. Especially the original full version of Preludin (7:38 min.) is included here, which was shortened to 1.30 min. on Pampered Menial. The 4 bonus tracks are the earliest known demo recordings (early 1973).


01 Theme From Subway Sue
02 Natchez Trace
03 Time
04 Stomp Water Magic
05 It’s All For You
06 Song Dance
07 Dreams
08 Clipper Ship
09 Fast Gun
10 Preludin & Fellacio in E minor

Bonus tracks (demo recordings):
11 Brand New Day
12 Natchez Trace
13 Fast Gun
14 I Wish It Would Rain