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The KRP (Keith Reid Project)

In My Head

The 2nd solo album by Keith Reid. The album contains a fine collection of 10 songs that Keith composed together with Anders Widmark, Rob Wassermann, Steve Booker, Anthony Krizan, Matt Noble and John Waite. Six singers are featured on the album: John Waite, Steve Booker, Anthony Krizan, Jeff Young, Chris Merola and Maya Saxell.


01 This Space Is Vacant (vocals: Maya Saxell)
02 In My Head (vocals: Anthony Krizan)
03 Thiefes Road (vocals: Steve Booker)
04 Ten More Shows (vocals: Maya Saxell)
05 The Bank Of Worry (vocals: Jeff Youg)
06 The Trial Of The Century (vocals: Chris Merola)
07 Back From The Brink (vocals: Maya Saxell)
08 All I Need To Know (vocals: John Waite)
09 Dance With Me (vocals: Maya Saxell)
10 House Of Cards (vocals: Steve Booker)