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Pavlov's Dog

Has Anyone Here Seen Sigfried (new version)

Finally brilliant sounding! In 2013 the believed lost original mastertapes of „Has Anyone Here Seen Sigfried?“ were rediscovered. Any of the various previous releases – all of them bootlegs – of the so-called „Lost Third“ can basically be traced back to this one poor sounding cassette copy, which was stolen from the studio back in 1977. Now finally some 36 years later, there is this new release that sounds just as it was supposed to sound. A completely different world, compared to what you so far might have known. Plus 8 unreleased bonustracks (all different to the 10 bonus tracks of the old 2006 version RV-PD-001).


01 Good Bye Trafalgar
02 Falling In Love
03 Only You
04 Painted Ladies
05 I Love You Still
06 Jenny
07 Today
08 Stop Short
09 It’s All For You
10 Suicide
11 While You Were Out

Bonus tracks:

12 Falling In Love (alternative mix)
13 Julia (acoustic)
14 She Came Shining (live 2012)
15 Fast Gun (live 2011)
16 She Breaks Like A Morning Sky (live 2011)
17 Paris (live 2011)
18 Good Bye Trafalgar (live 2012)
19 Only You (live 2012)