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Pavlov's Dog

Has Anyone Here Seen Sig. (old) – Jap. Ed.

(Note: This is the Japanese Edition of the old version of Has Anyone Here Seen Sigfried, issued 2006. The Japanese Version comes in the cover artwork of the famous vinly bootleg, in miniLP format, plus japanese product sheet & obi strip. The tracklist is the same as the regular old version RV-PD-001. The original tracks 1-10 are quite poor sounding, made from a cassette copy. The original mastertapes of the tracks 1-10 were  re-discovered in 2013, so there is the 2013 reissue RV-PD-011 in truly brilliant sound! Anyway we keep this old version available, because it includes 10 rare bonus tracks, all different to the 8 bonus tracks of the 2013 re-issue.)

01 Only You
02 Painted Ladies
03 Falling In Love
04 Today
05 Trafalger
06 I Love You Still
07 Jenny
08 It’s All For You
09 Suicide
10 While You Were Out

Bonus tracks:
11 Song Dance (live 1975)
12 Of Once And Future Kings (live 1975)
13 Natchez Trace (live 1975)
14 A Little Better (live 1975)
15 A Look In Your Eyes (live 1975)
16 Julia (live 1976)
17 She Came Shining (live 1976)
18 Did You See Him Cry (live 1076)
19 Theme From Subway Sue (early Version 1973)
20 I Wait For You (demo 1977)