Pavlov’s Dog

Prodigal Dreamer Tour 2019

11.11. Nuernberg (Germany) – Hirsch
12.11. Augsburg (Germany) – Spectrum
14.11. Bensheim (Germany) – Musiktheater Rex
15.11. Dortmund (Germany) – Musiktheater Piano
16.11. Verviers (Belgium) – Spirit of 66
18.11. Hamburg (Germany) – Downtown Blues Club
20.11. London (UK) – The Borderline
22.11. Athens (Greece) – Kyttaro
23.11. Thessaloniki (Greece) – Eightball

After the widely soldout 2018 tour Pavlov’s Dog will be back 2019, promoting their new album „Prodigal Dreamer“. The album enjoys a stunning appreciation by media & fans: It was e.g. awarded „Album of the Month“ and „Best Album of the Year 2018“ (rank 14) by Eclipsed Magazine. Breakout Magazine dedicated the title story to „Prodigal Dreamer“ and awarded it with the „Hall of Fame“ decoration. On the 2019 tour the band will present a considerably varied program: Songs from „Prodigal Dreamer“ together with a best-of-selection of their iconic 70ies albums „Pampered Menial“ & „At The Sound Of The Bell“ will trace a musical arc over more than four decades.

New video by The KRP

"Ten More Shows" featuring Swedish singer Maya Saxell

„Ten More Shows“ is taken from the album „In My Head“ by „The KRP“ (Keith Reid Project). The new studio album by the Procol Harum founding member was released on December 7th 2018. It contains a collection of 10 songs that Keith composed together with Anders Widmark, Rob Wassermann, Steve Booker, Anthony Krizan, Matt Noble and John Waite. Six singers are featured on the album: John Waite, Steve Booker, Anthony Krizan, Jeff Young, Chris Merola & Maya Saxell.

New video: Pavlov’s Dog – Paris (live)

Recorded in Ghent (Belgium) on November 14th 2018

Enjoy a beautiful live performance of „Paris“ from the 2018 „Pampered Menial & Beyond Tour“.

The original studio version of „Paris“ is included on the album „Prodigal Dreamer“ released December 7th 2018.

A film by Andreas Weimann
Cameras: Andrea Egger, Sabine Steffen, Andreas Weimann
Audio mix: Matthias Lingenfelder
Procuction: Manfred Ploetz
c/p 2019 Rockville Music. All rights reserved.

Pavlov’s Dog – New studio album

"Prodigal Dreamer" out December 7th 2018

We are thrilled to announce the new Pavlov’s Dog studioalbum „Prodigal Dreamer“. The album contains a collection of 13 songs and will be released worldwide on December 7th 2018.

For promotional requests please contact Germusica Promotion at

Keith Reid – New studio album

"In My Head" by Procol Harum founding member Keith Reid out December 7th 2018

The new studioalbum by Keith Reid will be released on December 7th 2018. The Album comes under the banner „The KRP“ (Keith Reid Project) and is titled „In My Head“. The album contains a fine collection of 10 songs that Keith composed together with Anders Widmark, Rob Wassermann, Steve Booker, Anthony Krizan, Matt Noble and John Waite. Six singers are featured on the Album: John Waite, Steve Booker, Anthony Krizan, Jeff Young, Chris Merola & last but not least on four songs, the young and talented Maya Saxell.

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Sunny Vegas – New studio album

Another kick-ass-rock-n-roll album by Sunny Vegas ...

The new album titled „Hotel Sunny Vegas“ will be released December 7th 2018. Remember what Breakout Magazine wrote: „Any troubles in marriage or job? We recommend Sunny Vegas! And if you’re already feeling good, you’ll do even better. Have fun & enjoy, 100% successful!“ … any more questions?

Sunny Vegas – New video

"I Don't Mind" from the upcoming album Hotel Sunny Vegas

Hey Sunny, where’s the crowd?? …

Pavlov’s Dog – Tour 2018

Pavlov's Dog will perform "Pampered Menial" entirely on the upcoming Tour

Pampered Menial & Beyond – Tourdates 2018:
26.10. Edwardsville (USA) – Wildey Theatre
27.10. Edwardsville (USA) – Wildey Theatre
03.11. Verona/Lugagnano (I) – Club il Giardino
05.11. Nuernberg (D) – Hirsch
07.11. Muenchen/Olching (D) – Legends Lounge
10.11. Karlsruhe (D) – Jubez
11.11. Dortmund (D) – Musiktheater Piano
12.11. Verviers (B) – Spirit of 66
14.11. Gent (B) – Vooruit
06.12. Tokyo (JP) – Takatanobaba Area
07.12. Tokyo (JP) – Takatanobaba Area

The Moonband – New studio album

"Until The Evil Ghost Is Gone" " out June 16th 2017

Welcome back to The Moonband! „Until The Evil Ghost Is Gone“ is the 4th Album by The Moonband on Rockville Music. Check it out, if you like Folkrock, Americana, Singer/Songwriter. It’s simply wonderful!

The Moonband – New Video

"Evil Ghost" from the album Until The Evil Ghost Is Gone

Check out The Moonband’s video „Evil Ghost“.

Pavlov’s Dog – New LIVE album

"House Broken " is the first official live album in audio & video format, out August 16th 2016

The 8-page digipak includes 2 CDs + DVD and contains a full and uncut concert incl. 24 songs, recorded and filmed with 9 cameras on October 26th 2015 in Nuernberg/Germany.

Pavlov’s Dog – The forgotten 1st album

The Pekin Tapes (rec. 1973 pre-Pampered Menial) 2013 rediscovered, out November 27th 2014

Whoever thinks the 1975 Pampered Menial is Pavlov’s Dog’s first recording is wrong. There is an earlier, nearly forgotten one. The untitled album and therefor just labeled „The Pekin Tapes“ was recorded in summer 1973 at Golden Voice Studios in Pekin/IL but never released. The band was later signed to ABC records, the Golden Voice Studio burned down and the tapes were believed lost. 2013 they were rediscovered in a private heritage.

The Pekin Tapes include original versions of songs that were later (in different versions) on Pampered Menial, plus some unreleased tracks not used on Pampered Menial. Especially the original full version of Preludin (7:38 min.) is included here, which was shortened to 1.30 min. on Pampered Menial. The 4 bonus tracks are the earliest known demo recordings (early 1973).

Pavlov’s Dog – „Lost Third“ reissue

First ever release of the "Lost Third" in brilliant sound quality from the 2013 rediscovered orig. mastertapes, out February 14th 2014

In 2013 the believed lost original mastertapes of „Has Anyone Here Seen Sigfried?“ were rediscovered. Any of the various previous releases – all of them bootlegs – of the socalled „Lost Third“ can basically be traced back to this one poor sounding cassette copy, which was stolen from the studio back in 1977. Now finally some 36 years later, there is this new release that sounds just as it was supposed to sound. A completely different world, compared to what you so far might have known. Plus 8 unreleased bonustracks.

Rockville – New webpage

The new Rockville homepage is lounched October 2018

We’re back in the www! Sorry for being „dead“ for a while, we had serious issues with our old page. Therefore, Rockville’s projects from 1996-2013 are no longer listed here, and from the 5 past years we relisted only a few … thanks for your interest!